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My Story

My story is about a strong, resilient, independent single-Mama creating a legacy of love helping other women to bounce back from adversity, anxiety, depression and burnout to find her version of joy and success. My business is an emotionally serving business. I turned my adversity and experience of anxiety and depression into serving others… to manifest abundance, joy and to claim both emotional and lifestyle freedom.

Whether you are an empath, an entrepreneur, a soul-seeker or a soul-mama, joining The Awakened Woman Revolution movement is your way to make adversity your friend, get unstuck, raise your vibe, align with your authentic self, and manifest more abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

My Values & Beliefs


I believe that unconditional love is unifying of self and others. Unconditional love heals. Unconditional love opens up space for joy and enlightenment.


I believe that a kind heart and emotional intelligence supersedes and ‘right’ perspective or mental intelligence. Kindness is the gateway for peace.


I believe an abundant heart and resourceful soul is an infinite source of prosperity and abundance.

My Approach

I am an Intuitive Guide, a Self-Love Mentor, A Success Coach, and a Conscious Lifestyle Designer Biz Mentor (especially if you want to create a “Location Independent” business so you have have the freedom to create what you want, when you want, where you want to be.)

My goal is to help you experience more flow and alignment, more often than not, and to help you transform your life – your health, wealth, prosperity and spirt through love – so you can consciously create the life and biz you truly desire.
For you to “Design Your Life, Live Your Dreams,” to experience love, joy and ease every single day.

Work With Me 1

What is ENERGY Mastery Coaching?
Who is Energy Mastery Coaching For?

A soul-seeker looking for a deeper connection with Source and how to master your energy to consciously create. A Spiritual-Entrepreneur with a service-based or coaching business that needs a mentor to connect the dots of understanding yourself and your clients, expand your capacity to hold space and support others and the desire to take your business to the next level with these energy techniques. A Miracle worker, a healer, and you are burning out sharing your energy with others but at the cost of your own self and your dreams. A human who is awakening to the truth that you are a Soul having a human experience and simply want to create a more meaningful life.

What makes you different from other spiritual energy healers and coaches or mentors?
Life experience. LOTS of it. I’ve been through some of the darkest experiences, lots of “dark nights of the Soul,” and because of my commitment to get through it and transcend it, I have an enormous capacity to hold the safe and sacred space for you to have the life transformative shifts you need to up-level your life.

My careers have been in the fields of: Personal Training, Sales, Marketing, Paramedic, Property Investing and Publishing. I’m also trained in Psychology, Critical Care Paramedicine, Chiropractic Care, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Total Body Modification, Psych-K, Demartini Method Facilitator, and a whole lot more.

My biggest asset is my finely tuned psychic ability to tune into your energy field and detect patterns of information that need to be ‘in-form-at-ion’ (in form (at) energy), that is brought into harmony and alignment because there is an energy block from past of current trauma. Add that ability with my skills as a visionary, strategist and individualisation (meaning I have an uncanny ability to connect you with your Soul’s Calling) and you have a very unique combination that I offer to help you transform your life and life purpose with your career/business.

I’m a seasoned world traveller, having spent quality time on all 7 continents, and in 58 countries (many of them multiple times) as I travelled the world footloose and fancy free (financially independent) for four years full-time from 2008 – 2012, while on my own spiritual quest.

I’ve also invested over $500,000 in my personal, professional and spiritual development with some of the biggest and best mentors and coaches in the world (some you might know, many who are not famous but definitely walk their talk with success in the areas they teach). And you get the benefit of downloading all that I have learned plus my life experiences to apply to your own life.

And I truly care. I am invested in your success… because I know when you succeed, I succeed. And the world needs all of us to light up this planet with our love and light right now. THAT is the great awakening occurring world-wide. And if you’ve read all this so far, then I believe you are here for a reason, that your Soul has led you here, so I’m going to invite you to trust your heart, and let go of everything you think you know or rationalise with your head. Your heart will never lead you astray. Love always guides you. I am a master at helping you fall deep in unconditional love with yourself, others and life (which creates spontaneous healing), helping you to reclaim your power and shine as your authentic YOUnique expression of love and light. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can work with me…

How does an Energy Clearing / Balance Call work?
I’m an energy worker, and gifted with the ability to “see, hear and know” your energy field.
When I have permission at a Soul level that it’s safe and appropriate to do so for both our subconscious minds to proceed, I access your energy field and am able to discern where your energy is blocked, often identify clear causes from it, and facilitate you through a process to release that energy and disempowering belief(s) that were attached. I then help you encode your brain with new empowering beliefs to support you journey towards a higher purpose.
This experience is possibly unlike anything you’ve experienced before. While I have psychic abilities I will not ‘read’ for you. I will guide you through a process for you to identify and OWN YOUR OWN RESULTS, so that you are empowered and becoming independent with trusting your own intuition.
It’s also very gentle and fast at the same time. Very little talking is required. When you book a call, you will be sent a pre-call questionnaire to complete online. The purpose of this is to help you identify clearly what’s causing you stress, share any of your ‘story’ in a few sentences and to ask me any questions in advance.
When we get on the call… I may ask you a few questions but most often I just SENSE your energy and work with you to shift the blocks… no fuss!
The experience will blow your mind, as it has for so many of my hundreds of clients that I have already worked with in both 1-on-1 calls and group calls.
How do I learn to harness and master my energy, and why is it important?
First, you need to awaken to the programming you have been operating from, become aware of the quantum field and understand how ‘entanglement’ works, so you can learn to discern what energy is yours and what is not. That is learned through deepening your connection with your Soul with self love, learning how to establish and maintain HEALTHY boundaries and practice discerning what energy is yours and what is not. The work I offer in all my programs – whether self-paced, group coaching or 1-on-1 mentoring, is focused on showing you how to harness your energy, reclaim your power (and full vitality back), so you can be lit up and confident to fully express your YOUnique authentic expression of love and light, allowing yourself to easily and effortlessly share your message with the world – because the world IS waiting to hear it! ?
Do you offer complimentary discovery calls, before I consider moving forward working with you?
Yes. From time to time I do. It depends on my week to week schedule. As I run many programs and give a lot of attention to my clients in the training.
Click through to the “Book a call” with me and choose the earliest and most convenient time available for a complimentary 30-minute session. Please note, I do accept a $25 ‘commitment’ credit card holding fee. This is ONLY Charged if you do not show up. It’s a small accountability measure to make sure my time is valued and respected.
Do you offer free stuff?
You bet! I have lots of free resources you can access, in multi-media: blog, podcast, Youtube, freebie downloads, meditations, ebooks and even free starter courses. My focus is on both building a long-term relationship with you, and help you create quick wins as well as the sustainable success that lights up your heart and soul! So look around this website and make sure you opt-in for what excites you the most, to get started!




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