Be YOUnique – Why You Should NOT Copy Someone Else’s Vision, Brand Or Content

Written By Katie Joy

On 17/Dec/2019

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Be YOUnique – Why You Should NOT Copy Someone Else’s Vision, Brand Or Content

by | Dec 17, 2019

So this blog post was inspired by a real life story, that happened just recently; when someone who literally felt so compelled to ‘twin’ me in multiple layers, including even my new website!

Over the years, I’ve had several people who have not just ‘modelled’ (which is useful for success) but blatantly copied my work.

That comes with the territory of creating success.

They say when someone wants to copy you, it’s a compliment. Yeah, maybe. To the person being copied.

But, what about the person DOING the ‘copying?’ How does the act of copying effect THEM, and how other’s perceive THEM?

My intention with this post is to take the learning from this recent (and series of) experiences to inspire with all the reasons why it’s important to BE YOUnique.

Be YOUnique - Why You Should NOT Copy Someone Else's Vision, Brand Or Content 1

Be YOUnique

Who wants to buy a “knockoff,” or an “inauthentic, “ or “unauthorised” item or service?


It’s what makes great brands great; Their uniqueness in brand, product and/or service, and authentic expression of vision, marketing and message.

It’s what makes them original.

In order to be unique and successful, you don’t have to be a high-end brand such as:

  • Gucci
  • Mercedes benz
  • Rolex
  • Louis Vuitton

You can be a brand for your target market and STILL be unique and successful with lower priced offers for your original products and services, by reaching your target market with your authentic expression of you and your message.

What makes you, or your brand original?

There is only ONE you

BE YOUnique

Someone’s vision is based on their unique skills, life experiences, strengths, soul gifts, and is an ORIGINAL EXPRESSION of their life force energy offered to the market place.

An original is easily discernible from an imitation; it cannot be matched or mimicked and then classed as ‘original.’ In fact, it is the exact opposite and carries with it an energy of inauthenticity. Too many people and organisations today doubt their own authentic expression as being enough, (or they simply don’t understand the importance of being original and authentic and are either too lazy, or think they can hide behind the mask of someone else’s success, and copy in part or in full).

That will never work. Why?

Here’s some solid reasons why you DO NOT want to copy someone else’s vision, brand or content.


  • Being similar and mimicking another brand says you are NOT an original
  • It says a lot about what you believe about yourself and your value; which if you want to communicate to others that you are ‘second-best’ then you are succeeding
  • It communicates to others – both potential clients and potential joint venture partners – that you cannot be trusted. Who wants to work with someone that demonstrates they will without thought, rip you off?

NOONE! Right?

At least, not the kind of ideal clients and ideal people you want to attract to your life and business.

So what does it take to build an original and authentic brand for yourself, and your business?

* Do an audit of all your skills, strengths, passions, life experiences, soul gifts, stories and systems that you have demonstrated success with both personally, and also with helping others get great results too.

* KNOW THYSELF; identify all your strengths, weaknesses, goals, opportunities and even threats to your self esteem (meaning, where do you feel the least competent in an area in your life that you might be at risk mimicking someone else in that area because you haven’t yet owned that aspect of yourself.)

* If you want to build a business (especially online), collate all the above data with your idea to validate and launch your business.

* Identify your ‘competitors’ – other key influencers, mentors, coaches, etc in your industry and draw parallels where you are similar in what you offer to your audience, as well as identify the differences. (Hint: use your personal audit to do that).

* MODEL don’t mimic. What’s the difference? Modelling is based on systems but mimicking is simply creating an inauthentic version of the expression, product, offer, service etc.

* Your ORIGINALITY is expressed in the GAP between what others offer and what you offer BASED on your assets of skills, strengths, passions, life experiences, soul gifts, stories and your success systems. USE THAT to leverage you above all the noise in the market, and you shift yourself into the ABUNDANCE MATRIX.


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