What On Earth Will It Take For Humanity To Thrive?

Written By Katie Joy

On 26/Nov/2019

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What On Earth Will It Take For Humanity To Thrive?

by | Nov 26, 2019

Are you witnessing the accelerated shifts occurring world-wide as a greater “big brother” surveillance presence looms?

Are you sensitive to some ‘weird’ stuff happening, that you sense you ‘know’ but perhaps don’t know how to put into words?

Are you trying to make sense of decisions, laws and mandates, that those in power are making on behalf of the greater collective?

Do you feel a dark cloud looming, and are you looking for answers to all these ‘unknowns’?

I’m going to share an important resource with you that really highlights some of the key dots, to connect what’s been going on behind the Lack Matrix that was intentionally instilled upon humanity on this planet. It was supposed to be secret, kept from the masses. But the masses are waking up. And if you are here, reading this, it means you are awakening too; either new to this or you’ve been tentatively exploring ‘down the rabbit hole’ but still can’t quite add things up.

Why does so much not make sense?

What if it was DESIGNED that way? To compartmentalise and disconnect ‘all the dots’ so that you, we the people, we were not supposed to see the big picture of this crazy jigsaw of pieces.

But humanity is SPIRITUALLY AWAKENING… And I give your mind and heart peace to let you know that I believe this story of humanity DOES CONTINUE WELL. Let yourself rest in LOVE AND LIGHT knowing this truth. You may know this it in your heart and Soul, even with the pervading and advancing stresses and ‘nooses’ APPEARING to close in.

In order for me to share this journey, to help you see there is an alternative human story for the good for all, we need to first look at a different perspective to discover what’s REALLY been going on.

And it’s a little dark. OK, a LOT dark.

You may be thinking “how much do I want to know about this? Do I want to focus on the worst of what human beings are capable of? I should focus all my attention on ‘being positive’ shouldn’t I?” You may even have the preference to stick your head back in the sand and ‘not look,’ but the very nature that you are here, and reading now, means that your Soul wants you to now SEE.

But UNDERSTANDING WHO these people are and HOW their organisations operate across the international scope allows you to transcend through the rage and the sadness to experience CLARITY and STRENGTH. You will only be able to have full power to focus EFFECTIVELY when you understand what is REALLY going on.

This is part of the journey, to see the contrast, so you can discover the LIGHT.

Notice the patterns…

Do you know the answers to these questions:

[Get ready to have your view of the world, turned upside down… in the process of discovering TRUTH]… and if you think you’re not being effected by this, then you need to ask yourself these questions and watch this documentary the most!]

  • What has been keeping us from THRIVING, no matter how hard we work or “successful” we become?
  • How have the Elite positioned themselves to control everything we need to survive?
  • What is energy? Is there a real solution for FREE ENERGY that is being hidden from us, and why?
  • Who is behind controlling the food supply, the medical industry, and so much more? Why are ‘they’ so intent on controlling it all?
  • What family name(s) keep popping up as the controlling financiers behind the scenes for the banking system, the USA Political leaders and who is also the largest funding party to the AMA? (American Medical Association).
  • Who was behind setting up the education system and what was/is the REAL agenda for public schooling?
  • How does the money system ACTUALLY work?
  • Is the Federal Reserve government owned and controlled, or a private corporation?
  • Who is the Federal Reserve Accountable to?
  • Which key family names (behind the big banks) gathered secretly on Jekyll Island, GA in 1910 to draft the legislation to create the Federal Reserve?
  • What year was the federal reserve implemented?
  • What year was the IRS implemented along with taxation?
  • Does this quote make you sit up and ask more questions? (Hint, is should!) “There is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.” – Alan Greenspan, former Chairman, Federal Reserve.
  • What needs to happen for us to be released from a debt-based system that creates scarcity?
  • How was the Great Depression stock crash in 1929, and the 2008 Global Financial Collapse manipulated and why? Who benefited from it?
  • Why would the Federal Reserve give trillions to the banks even though the majority of Americans were against bailing them out?
  • And why not help those in the most financial need rather than the perpetrators of the financial collapse?
  • So what is their end game? What is their Ultimate agenda?
  • If this small group want to control the world, what would they need to control to accomplish it?
  • “Big Brother” is not ‘coming,’ it’s already here now. We’re already in the Matrix. So how do we get out?
  • To discover that… do you know what their ruling structure is and how does it work?
  • Which family dynasties are involved in this ruling structure?
  • What are the many names of this ruling structure known by?
  • What is one of the primary symbols of the controlling elite? And where will you see this symbol? Where else? Where else? Where else?
  • Where have they likely taken this symbol from and perverted the meaning of it to track and control society?
  • How are you, we, being manipulated and controlled with mind-control techniques?
  • On the international level, what huge “well known” organisations have the central banking elite put in place to implement their policies?
  • How are these controlling elite influencing our individual country leaders to bend to their agenda for a Global New World Order (and receive millions for it, versus getting a bullet if they don’t bend and keep their campaign promises)?
  • How on earth have they been able to build this massive world empire with very few people in the world actually knowing what and how they’ve done this?
  • How could something so big and corrupt be kept secret?
  • What kind of world would we be living in if the controlling elite had complete control domination over everyone, everywhere?
  • How is destroying the financial strength and sovereignty important to the controlling Elite for them to perfectly effect their plan for Global domination with a New World Order?
  • How are, we the people, being financially enslaved in a system designed to strip us of wealth?
  • Why does AMERICA represent a major hurdle for the controlling elite to succeed in global consolidation and power? (And why you need to take a peaceful and unified stand NOW to protect this.)
  • If they can succeed in controlling America, how does that negatively effect EVERY OTHER COUNTRY with the transfer of power and control of One World dictatorship?
  • How does the intention of this Global Control intend to give a Centralised Authority the power to control people who “step out of line” the ability to financially disable an individual or a group in an instant?
  • What is the real motive behind the “Climate Change” movement?
  • Who is planned to receive the “Carbon Tax” and who will it be enforced by?
  • What are some other ways to address our obvious need to curtail pollution without creating a tax base for tyranny?
  • How do the Elite create the “problem-reaction-solution” to instil their agenda into societies, to get a public reaction with a false story, to then openly offer the solutions to the problems they have themselves created?
  • How does the idea of using tragedy, manufacturing or simply utilised, deeply significant in finally understanding how far these people will go to achieve their goals?
  • Are you aware that most of what’s needed for a policed state is actually already in place?
  • How are RFID’s (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) already used to track our every move? And why do they plan to have them implanted into every human body?
  • WHO was really behind the social experiential in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership, the same “social experiment” that killed 70 million Chinese people during “peacetime.”
  • What!? Why on earth would ‘they’ want to depopulate the planet?
  • As brutal as it sounds and is hard to fathom or digest (based on our world-view), what is the the significance of depopulating the planet to their global agenda?
  • What is Eugenics? And why is it a significant part of their core plan?
  • What are the many ways they are covertly implementing this plan to depopulate the planet?
  • What year was the first Eugenics lab funded and WHO funded it? This may surprise you.
  • Are you aware that In 2007 the US department of Agriculture and Homeland security funded a proposed project to aerial spray over 7 million people in urban areas of Northern California. After citizens organised against the plan, officials were forced to reveal that the spray included multiple toxins that could cause disease and disrupt the reproductive cycle? Civil resistance stopped the project. It goes to show, that people united peacefully have the power!
  • Are you aware that by 2012, the US Government had been caught over 30 times covertly experimenting with toxic chemicals on it’s own citizens – from soldiers, prisoners, and Native American Reservations to entire counties (and other countries and their citizens are being experimented on too)?
  • What are the ways they are doing mass sterilisation of women and girls? And what countries have they already exposed this agenda?
  • How has GMO corn been used to render male consumers infertile?
  • The host of this film “Thrive” asked, “Being willing to consider and research a direct depopulation agenda was critical to getting the whole picture, and to generating responses that could be sufficient to the task we face [finding the answers], I know this may sound crazy, but imagine that it’s 1932 and we’re in Germany. If I told you that in the next decade millions of people would be exterminated, you’d say “Impossible! No one would do such a thing.” What does depopulation look like today?
  • We’re at a critical fork in the road where humanity is going to either go down the road of tyranny or peace and abundance for all on the planet. What will it take for us as a human collective to choose unity, harmony, peace and rights for all on this planet?
  • Is there another way? Do we have enough resources and solutions to meet that challenge?
  • And is the option of peace, unity, harmonious relationships and abundance for all on the planet already determined for our timeline, our human destiny, because enough people have awakened to the agenda and awakened their spirit along with free will to choose, as a conscious collective making the shift to empower the greater collective?
  • Is this process a struggle for the Soul of humanity?
  • Who are we really?
  • What is human nature?
  • Are we humans what the Elite would have us believe – stupid greedy creatures who if left to our own devices would devolve into violence and chaos, and so for our own good must be ruled over by a self-appointed elite, or are we naturally caring and creative?
  • What will it take for everyone to thrive?
  • Which of these two views will shape our future? Is this the CHALLENGE we individually and collectively rise up to, to CHOOSE now?
  • Is the destructive world-view of the elite that supports the agenda at hand, based on the beliefs that “there’s not enough to go around,” “that some people are more deserving than others,” and that their own safety depends on maintaining absolute control over the rest of us, the very thing that locks people into the lack matrix with scarcity and fear?
  • But as powerful as they are, the architects of the New World Order cannot create their dreadful vision without our collusion, can they? In order for them to complete this agenda it would require us to collude with their vision, or buy into it, accept it and agree with it.
  • So how do we stop being in alignment with their vision, this agenda of the elite? We have to wake up! We have to take action!

What On Earth Will It Take For Humanity To Thrive? 1

The Power Of Individual Transformation
On The Human Collective

How is the metaphor of the caterpillar and the butterfly, relevant to this process of awakening?

“This is like the last effort of a particular phase of civilisation. It is it’s last gasp really and I often use the metaphor of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Because the caterpillar crunches it’s way through the eco-system. It’s very destructive and eats 300 times it’s weight in a day until it’s so bloated that it hangs itself up and goes to sleep. And it’s skin turns into a hardened chrysalis, and then in its body you get these imaginal cells. Biologists actually call them that, forming within the caterpillars body. The caterpillars body then actually becomes a nutritive soup for those cells. But what’s important about that metaphor is that the old and the new co-exist for awhile, and it’s the job of the caterpillar to preserve its life. It’s a desperate government that we have now trying to control oil in the Middle East and now wanting to promote nuclear energy and all these things. They know better but they have to play out the role of protecting themselves. It’s their job! And if you love butterflies, you don’t go around stepping on caterpillars. So we can’t hate them it doesn’t do any good. But if you want alternative energy you don’t ask an oil economy administration to produce it for you. We have to produce it. We imaginal cells have to show that it’s cheaper, more efficient, and more effective. Our job is to build the new world.” ~ Elisabeth Sathouris, Ph.D. Evolution Biologist

  • What will it take to turn our world, your world, this world, into a Renaissance of creativity and love? What vision would you need to focus on? What would have to believe if true, or not true? What would you have to now believe is available, not available?
  • What does TRUE social movement really mean? How is this movement now the most powerful activist force for change, ever?
  • The advantage for us is that all the power centres for the elite control require us for our participation. So how do we withdraw our support from that?
  • How do we create Freedom zones? How do we create a freedom movement for ALL species, not just humans?

Whew… that is a lot of questions…

And the answers to all those and more will be found in this documentary below…

From so much of my own personal research, and connecting so many dots, to come across this film AGAIN to view it really brings a LOT of the information together. It’s enough for now. But I will say, there is an even deeper layer to this story of lack by design, which I will share in a seperate post in due time…

For now… Watch this…

What are some SOULUTIONS?

So, I promised there are some great solutions, and more of these will be revealed in the documentary. But let me share a few of my immediate SOULUTIONS with you here in the written form, how we can shift to a Divine Matrix full of ABUNDANCE for all:

  • BEGIN WITH YOU. Wake up to the belief programs that you are operating from. Are you going along in life with the views adopted and adapted by others? Are you simply absorbing everything you experience, see, hear and told as ‘true’? Or are you not only using a critical mind to question everything, but also…
  • TUNING INWARD to allow truth to guide you through your heart? We are living beings with an electro-magnetic field, and our heart is our guiding compass. When we are heart-activated we are tuning into LOVE frequencies. When we’re operating only from the head, we tune into lower density frequencies that are fear-based. Then if in those frequencies if making decisions from “it doesn’t feel right,” how can that possibly be an optimal choice and truth if you are not tuned into your HIGHER SELF?
  • CLEAR THE ENERY BLOCKS that hold you back from experiencing both yourself and life as the highest version of yourself. A big element of the lack matrix is designed to keep you suppressed in frequencies of fear, self-doubt, disoriented from your Soul’s true north. And how is that achieved? Through trauma and fear tactics. This runs deep how it is socially engineered by design, but also has many aspects such as ancestral burdens carried forward by generations, and if left unhealed, these patterns of trauma continue to perpetuate in the family cycles. It’s time to clear them, and the reason why most people don’t is because they have not been taught how; intentionally suppressed from the opportunity to be educated and informed just how powerful each person is when we tap into our Spiritual Power. Without the tools, or the knowledge to clear trauma with ease AND QUICKLY, people stay stuck in cycles of suffering, sabotage, grief, pain, anxiety, disease and disconnected from truly realising their full potential.

Are you ready to reclaim your personal power? To stand in your Sovereign energy, with the clarity and strength to step into the unified field to co-create in The DIVINE Matrix of ABUNDANCE?

Then consider the option now to BOOK AN ENERGY BLOCK CLEARING CALL HERE

I believe we’re on the precipice of a MASSIVE GLOBAL AWAKENING. There is so much more to this story. So if you loved this post, and you want more updates, make sure you comment below, join my mailing list and bookmark my blogsite so you can check in again. And because this information is so important to help raise the human collective consciousness, please share this post with those you feel compelled to share it with on social media, via email, send it in a text or tell a friend.

Here’s to co-creating a new Divine Matrix of Abundance for ALL.

Love, Light & Manifesting Magic!
Xx Katie


  1. Wayne Pepper

    Thank you Katie. I would love more information to read and share.

    • Katie Joy

      Awesome Wayne. Did you watch the full video? Share that, or this blog post as it raises great questions to then be answered. Get’s the critical mind thinking rather than just being spoon-fed. 🙂


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