What does 11:11 mean?

Written By Katie Joy

On 11/Nov/2019

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What does 11:11 mean?

by | Nov 11, 2019

Have you ever been ‘pregnant’ with an idea, a project… or even an unborn child?


Bold question.. I know.


And it’s really irrelevant whether you are a man, a woman, a woman who wants to give birth, or one who does not, or… well, in this day and age, a non-gender-bias who may have (on the rare account) stumbled across my site. 


You see, this question, it relates to giving birth to something your SOUL needs to express. 


Okay… let me be clear. 


I HAVE given birth to a child, my son, who seriously is the BEST gift I’ve ever received. 


But this post… it’s about a different kind of birth. A kind of birth that every human can relate to. 


With a twist. 


A special twist. 


So before I tell you about my ‘birth’… let me first, tell you the back story.

At least the SHORT version of it. 




March 2008. 


Was the death of my old life, and the birth of my new. 


That was when I retired from my career as a Paramedic, after also leaving my second marriage, to find myself. 


And to find myself, I had to let go of the old… in order to give birth to the new. 


That freakin’ terrified me! 


But I leapt. Because, honestly at that point, I didn’t feel I had any energy left to deal with my old life, and the crazy stuff that at the time, I didn’t understand. I had also met my goal to create a passive income stream that met my job income. I knew I had to leave. I was scared. I was exhausted. I was terrified. But let me be clear. That period of my life, now that I look back, was the BEST spiritual awakening that I had… well almost.


So, let me continue…


In May 2008, I took a flight from Perth to Los Angeles; in pursuit of potentially another relationship, with a man whom I met only months before at a Tony Robbins “Life Mastery Retreat” in Fiji. When I arrived in the USA, that experience lasted THREE WHOLE DAYS before I was kicked out of his home because I called him out on his shit for his intention of being with me (monetary related). Let’s say, he didn’t like being confronted with the truth. 


He wouldn’t even drive me to a local hotel. He kicked me to the curb, without so much as a phone book, to order a taxi from my then disposable phone, to pick me up. (Sounds like I had a ‘burner’ phone, but it wasn’t that glamorous of story. It was simply one of those early airport vendor dispensable phones in 2008). 


I thought at the time, “what the f*&k was going on? Why had the Universe led me on this path to only experience a crazy turn of events.” I thought I had seriously mis-read my intuitive instinct to make the choice to quit everything I KNEW in Australia, to come to the USA. 


So let me jump a few months forward… when I realised really quickly, that as painful as that initial experience was, it was the Universe’s way to get me to jump through a portal of possibility that without my ‘egos’ sense of certainty, I would never have jumped through in the first place. 

Life can be like that, right? Where you feel you’re making intuitive decisions and “on path” to only feel completely knocked off balance. Do you know what I’m talking about? Well, what helped me stay centred was having an energy balance while in San Francisco, that helped me feel grounded, centred and clear to make my next decisions. 


As a result of that, within just four months of leaving Australia, I had TRIPLED my passive income, found my feet and ended up travelling for FOUR YEARS FULL TIME, around the world, while I invested over $500,000 in myself (travel, adventures, and coaching in every subject you could imagine, with mentors world-wide). That investment became a slow percolating MASSIVE RETURN OF INVESTMENT for me, within the next ten or twelve years. 

Let me make a CLEAR POINT HERE. 

From 2006 I had been blogging; initially on a gluten free website, my own. Then, when I started travelling in 2008, I launched www.TheGlobalButterfly.com after I had an amazing phone meeting with Brad Sugar’s (Action Coach Potential) then accountant, Jason Cooksey. I had met Brad in Las Vegas in 2009 after meeting at his office on my way to Utah, to meet one of my most life-saving mentors of my life-time so far (Dr. Victor Frank from Total Body Modification technique… let me tell you that story later). Jason and his wife, Kirsty, became fast friends. 


Jason and I chatted a few times on the the phone in 2009 and it was he who said, “Katie, you know who you are?” 


I said… “Who?”


He said, “you’re The Global Butterfly!”


“Yeah,” I said… “I guess I am.” I was not only flitting around the globe on amazing adventures, and attending personal development seminars all over the place; I was also spreading lots of magic and insights along the way with my blog, helping people to transform their life, then called http://livingadventuresoftheheart.blogspot.com/ …So, it really didn’t make THAT much of reach.. Yet.. Until I rebranded and launched my NEW blog https://theglobalbutterfly.com/


Back then, from 2008 – 2012, I wrote a LOT about my adventures around the world, to 7 continents and 58 countries, some of them many times. I shared ideas, insights and inspiration of how I had transformed my life from an 80-hour a week Paramedic to an online blogger, property investor and global traveller… and it was wonderful.

Most of it. 


Until I opened up my heart again, to several men. A few (very few) were good. The others, they were mirroring back my insecurity within relationships. And I experienced a lot of heart-burns. I got SOME of the lessons at the time. But it wasn’t until years later that I finally embraced them. 


In 2013-2014 I allowed myself to get totally distracted inside a dysfunctional relationship with, what I now know, was a psychopath. And EVERYTHING I had in my life was IGNORED, while I scrambled for survival of my ego, my mind, my body and my soul. Everything was being ripped to shreds, including my family, my friends, my health…. And my website. 


I was so distracted, that for months on end, I paid NO ATTENTION to my emails and missed (or ignored) the warning that my then website hosting was changing due to a buy-out, and that I had a limited time to respond to make sure my website “crossed-over.”


I didn’t make the cross-over.

And my website died; along with EVERY. SINGLE. POST. I. WROTE. OVER. FOUR. YEARS… which was almost daily.

It was like losing my most prized journal. 


It was a death to my old self. The part of me that felt FREE. The part of me that identified with travel, adventure, and love of life foot-loose-and-fancy-free. 


It was like I imagine the California fires ripping through people’s homes, and livi-hoods; taking ALL my magic memories with it. 


The thing that hurt was… I had made the fatal mistake of not making a back-up of my content.



So from 2014 until just recently, I mourned that loss.

And I was too afraid, TERRIFIED, to start again. Blogging that is.

I mean, it sounds crazy. It’s JUST a website. A blog. 

For goodness sakes, after spending many wonderful trips travelling to Thailand and training with David Cavanagh, I knew how to BUILD optimised wordpress websites while in my sleep! 


But I hurt. I ached. I felt GRIEF, and deep loss… for all the memories I had recorded, the relationships I had developed with the comment chats back and forth, and my ‘history’ that was once recorded, all gone.

I felt afraid that if I dared do it again, that I might lose it all once more. 


Seriously, that became a bigger heart-break than many of the relationships I had entrusted my soul with.


So it was with excitement in 2016 that I BEGAN setting up my website once again. 


But, then I couldn’t “finish”… I baulked, and baulked, and baulked… 


It wasn’t that I was afraid to open up a website again. I already had a 4-page ‘website’ set up on Clickfunnels.

The thing was, I wasn’t yet ready to open up my heart fully to BLOG again, to bare and share my heart and soul… until now. 


Well, I say “until now,” but it was the 2nd September when I tasked the job out to help me re-build my blog, this blog. And it wasn’t until I thought to do an energy block clearing, that everything then began to speed up! 


And good old John, my web-dude, has been prompting me for WEEKS to finalise the tweaks, for us to go ‘live’.


Here’s the thing.

Apart from him being AMAZING at what he does, I mean, hasn’t he done a great job putting this website together? Give him a “heck yes,” in the comments if you agree; but he’s also such a great Spiritual match for me, capturing my vision, AND he PUSHED me with a significant nudge on Friday last week, with an email that basically said “let’s get this live!” 


So I sent him a few tweaks on Friday, thinking that was it, it’d be ‘GO TIME’ then.

But, it wasn’t until today…. 11th November at 2:18am that he sent me an email message “your site is now live.”

When I read that message this morning when I woke up… I thought “Wow!”


Then, “WOW!” when I realised the date!


11th day of the 11th month.




You see, for me, 11:11 equals NEW BEGINNINGS and BEING SPIRITUALLY GUIDED. 


I believe it’s a wink from Spirit, from YOUR SOUL, that says… “hey kiddo, you’re ready to go again!”


It’s the day my creativity was truly birthed again. And fell in love again.. With writing, my GREATEST passion to share wisdom, insights and strategies for success.

And, if you are up for DEEP ideas, insights and inspiration, make sure you mark my blog as a place to return to for energy balance, healing and manifestation. 


And, as a birthing party present TO YOU… if you would like to accept it, I have a newly released online program called “The Energised Soul Experience” which is a “Spiritual First Aid Tool Kit & Training” like, harnessing and mastering your energy to manifest more joy, love and abundance in your life… it will be retailing for USD $397 but for now, for a limited 11-hour opportunity only, you can grab this 6-week energy balance and healing program for just $111. Click here, to learn more… 


And in the meantime, let me know down below… what does 11:11 mean for you? What magic happened for you on this day? Or when have you seen 11:11 on your clock dial and realised it was a wonderful confirmation, validation or affirmation for you? I’d love to know… 



  1. Aimee

    Yes yes to your New Beginning on 11/11 ❤️✨?? Very wonderful and I look forward to reading and commenting on your blog posts! Wwweeeeeee ?

    • Katie Joy

      Thank you Beautiful Aimee! Thank you so much for your comment. I greatly appreciate it. And I’m so excited to share this space with you 🙂

  2. Michelle Vall

    Absolutely amazing Katie. SO thrilled and excited that you have now restarted this part of your life. Joined with the personal inspirational classes and learnings that you have been providing while you’ve been “blog quite” we will all have more opportunity to be inspired, loved and guided. Love you and your work so much over the years. Looking forward to even better connections xx

    • Katie Joy

      Thanks Michelle! 🙂 I’m equally thrilled to be back up blogging again after many years of a sabbatical! It’s time to expand my reach and share my message and inspiration world-wide 🙂 xx


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