Mind-Blowing Results! An Example Of What It Takes To Add 6-Figures To Your Business Revenue Line

Written By Katie Joy

On 14/Jan/2020

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Mind-Blowing Results! An Example Of What It Takes To Add 6-Figures To Your Business Revenue Line

by | Jan 14, 2020


Would you invest $1 to get a return of $4 back in your business? How many times would you invest that to keep getting that kind of return, or better?

I’ve just returned home, with a BIG SMILE BEAMING on my face because I’ve just had another quick catch up chat with one of my Business Clients who I have been coaching since May 2019. My focus has been mentoring him with a marketing plan and coaching his team of 30 with personal and professional development to help him meet his goals.

A few days before the New Year I stopped for a quick chat and was positively giggling with delight with his report of his results this past year. He even let me record him on audio to use as a testimonial.

However, I was so wide-eyed by the results that I didn’t share immediately. I was actually a bit stunned.

I’ll share my extra learning from that at the end of this post. 

But here’s what he said:

Jason “We broke a weekly income target that we didn’t think we’d get close to this year! We smashed it a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been above it for the past few weeks. We also broke the 400 booking barrier, so over 400 bookings in a week and we currently this week have 420 bookings, which is like the best ever!”

Katie: “How did you get those results with what I helped you implement?”

Jason “It’s been word of mouth, having a real sense of community here and that showed at the Christmas party; the numbers were quite high, a lot higher than last year. Just word of mouth. Everyone that is coming here have been referred by existing or families that have been here. So it’s just fantastic!” 

[It’s because of…] “Implementing what you taught, working and implementing with the staff and that flows on to the parents. Angie brought up in a meeting, when we were talking in our staffing section was this year the staff satisfaction/attitudes/team work has been one of the best year’s that we’ve had. The negativity and the talking behind people’s backs, that has reduced quite a lot.  We still have a few issues here and there but you’re gonna get that with a team of 30 people. So yeah, like really really positive things! The strategy sessions have paid off, even though we haven’t had a chance to really fully implement and push these kind of things that have been really helpful. But we’ve already got results and breaking records! It’s fantastic! Thanks Katie, it’s been really good!”

You can click the audio link below to hear our conversation…


I stopped the recording and then he said a few more cool things, so allow me to share those too… 

I clarified the numbers up per week. He said “20, consistently.” 

Now when you do that math, that equates to $2,180 extra per week which means a 6-figure increase in annual revenue, which for him is a 400% return on his investment for coaching, marketing and mentoring services.

For every dollar he invested with training with me, his business has redeemed $4 back! Pretty cool, eh!?

But even better, so far he’s only implemented a PORTION of what we strategised together AND he’s going to be able to use that again and again each year, over and over… maybe with a tweak or two to the plan. 

While I have focused my attention working with women online in the past 3.5 years, in the last 8-9 months I’ve been quietly expanding my services to work with both offline businesses and also with men. 

People want to hit their BIG MATERIAL GOALS – finances, client numbers, ideal weight, cars, holidays, online business models, moving location (usually to seperate from relationships that just don’t work anymore, or never really did, and they decided to do something about it), and so much more. 

But behind every MATERIAL GOAL there is a META GOAL… the ENERGY BEHIND THE GOAL… And the way I help people ALIGN with their goals is reframe the MEANING of all experiences, emotional triggers, communication issues, beliefs, stories, etc. 

When I help people to change the meaning and align with the ENERGY they manifest their material goals with a lot more ease.

Also, I LOVE business. I’m a Visionary, a Strategist, and a Dot Connector as well as gifted at Individuation which means I have an innate sense of knowing YOUR SOUL’S ROLE in life so you can live in alignment with your strengths and purpose. 

Here’s the key thing about working with Jason. He’s BRILLIANT at Business. He’s a numbers guy. He tracks, records and measures E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. He’s like most business people who are biased to the logical, analytical left-brain process of business. 

But you see, success is not left-brain oriented. Nor is it right-brain oriented. Too much left brain focus and you’re imbalanced and rigid, too grounded. Too much right brain focused and your off with the fairies in creativity “in flow” but a sloppy mess without a back-bone of structure to support your systems of success. 

Mind-Blowing Results! An Example Of What It Takes To Add 6-Figures To Your Business Revenue Line 1

Image Credit: ID 82202738 © Denisismagilov | Dreamstime.com

I believe SUCCESS FLOWS when you’re in a WHOLE-BRAIN, WHOLE-HEARTED state. That’s when you’re life-force energy flows without resistance.

What I do, is work with the ENERGY of YOU, YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR GOALS, YOUR LIFE, (and if appropriate with the teams you work with). I can give you strategy til the cows come home. But if you are not ALIGNED ENERGETICALLY you won’t implement it. 

The opposite is also true too. Everything is energy. Even your business is a LIVING ENTITY. It’s energy. When you are BALANCED with your energy, the NATURAL RESULT is SUCCESS MANIFESTING YOUR GOALS. But you also need a STRATEGY, a plan to succeed with your goals.

One of the things Jason also said was “Katie, I get it, I really get it how the subconscious mind is so important to be programmed for success.”

So this is me giving Jason, myself and YOU a BIG thumbs up… 

Here’s to SOUL-ALIGNED GOAL SUCCESS! Whether your goals are in career/business, health, or relationships.

I wish you great Love, Light & Manifesting Success!

Xx Katie Joy

P.s. If you’d like to have a complimentary chat to see how I can help you succeed with YOUR GOALS in life and business, reach out and we can book a time to connect soon.

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