How Do Empaths Lose Weight?

Written By Katie Joy

On 26/Oct/2020

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How Do Empaths Lose Weight?

by | Oct 26, 2020


How do Empaths lose weight?


I want to share a revelation with one of my Self-Care Goals — My Fit & Fab Body Journey… Again!


Because the truth is, if you are highly sensitive to energy, like me, then quite often you LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY hold more than your fair share of the weight of the world!


After a terrifying constant weight gain these past two years in spite of lots of healthy eating habits (and a few bad ones) I’m down 2.4 kilos (5.3 pounds) in 2 weeks.


Here’s how… but first…


Have you ever got to a point in ANY area of your life and then thought “how the heck did I get here?”


Do any of these resonate with you – weight gain (and not just a little, a lot!), perhaps you’ve woken up one day and realised you’ve gone up the wrong “ladder” in your career, or spent time and energy to build a business which you then realise you “hate”, or maybe even spent many years in a relationship trying to ‘fix’ it before you had the courage to get out and move on?


I’ve been through ALL of those journeys listed above.


And the one thing that was constant throughout was my weight going up, down, up, down…. you get the picture.


In 2014 I reached an epic fitness goal, and felt super confident in my flexible and fit body. I even flew to Hawaii for a bikini photo shoot that was so amazing and memorable. It was because of that ‘reward’ (of how good it felt rather than the photos themselves) that I’ve been able to anchor back into that emotional state again recently.


So why is it that even when we KNOW what to do, we don’t always DO it?


Do Empaths absorb negative energy?


There’s a bigger reason why – because if you’re like me, then you know (or might be just finding out) that empaths absorb negative energy, and positive energy, more easily than others (or at least are sensitive in their awareness to the shift in energy).


Also being an empath and emotional eating seem to go hand in hand, like a bowl of Ben n Jerry’s Cookie Dough and a silver spoon delivering that addictive sensation of yummy-ness to my mouth — for a dopamine rush of “oh yeah, that really is soooooo good, give me more!”


Ooooooohhhhh sorry!…. yes, that programming is soooooo repetitive it’s hard to break, isn’t it?But it IS possible to break free from emotional eating. Even if it is disguised as ‘healthy eating’ (most of the time). But it’s not always easy at first.


And if you’re an empathic person (with a big heart who feels so much from others, nature, animals, all energy) or highly sensitive this may resonate deeply with you too.


How DO Empaths lose weight?And it’s not what food you eat that makes the MOST difference.


Here’s why.

Can Empaths be toxic?


With my recent house move, and the last few months to take a LOT of time offline to RE-organise, I’ve realised with CLARITY what I KNEW in my heart, that where I was living previously, although a beautiful home, was highly toxic for me. For us.


It wasn’t until being in the new house (and awesome new landlords and property manager) that I got the OBVIOUS contrast.


It’s been easier for me to witness the clarity of experiences between toxicity and harmony.


It’s been exactly that same ‘awakened’ experience for me too when I’ve had the courage to get out of toxic relationships (whether that’s with an intimate partner, a client, a ‘friend’ or even a family member), or the wrong career path or ‘corporate ladder’ so to speak as in all the above journeys I mentioned before.


  • I’ve escaped domestic violence (on multiple occasions).
  • I’ve been through the journey of narcissistic attacks from ‘friends’ and a few clients – now blacklisted forever (part of the journey of awakening to your power).
  • I left my career as a Paramedic because it was as toxic a corporate world as any other.
  • I ditched my gluten free book publishing company in 2012 when I realised the false programming going on world wide…. aaaaah I know I’ve just thrown some of you into a loop with this one.


So back to the house move…


And how does this all tie together?


How Do Empaths Lose Weight? 


I realised that while manifesting goals ARE an INSIDE job, we must be ALIGNED in all ways for those seeds to be activated.


When we are in toxic environments – whether that is a relationship, your home, your job/career/business or any community that does not elevate you above the boggy swamps of hive mind programming (including your own internal stinky thinking)… then manifesting new empowering results are delayed or slowed at best. 


But it’s not just the obvious (or insidious) toxic environments or people that slow our manifesting down…


It’s also our own toxic thinking and behaviour, which when repeated become toxic habits… and I could paint the obvious ones like:


  • drinking alcohol too often
  • combining foods for your body the wrong way for you
  • not doing regular intermittent fasting to give your body a rest…


And so on..




The biggest killers for our success at manifesting our goals, and this was a hard realisation for me to discover I was STILL doing these too often, include:


  • Giving too much of my time, attention, energy and resources to “toxic-takers”
  • over giving to anyone – even the most beautiful souls in my life – at the cost of my own self care. And when I do that I feel depleted and burned out.. needing to withdraw to refuel.
  • To satisfy the void of feeling ‘empty’ my old pattern of eating too much (even if it was healthy) would kick in.
  • no matter how good my intentions, if I was in the wrong environment or with people (in real life or virtually) that just didn’t feel good to be around, it not only sucked my energy down the drain but also my ability to manifest what I truly wanted to create for myself.

Setting yourself up for success matters…


I’ve realised that to awaken to our own LIGHT ….and feel and be LIGHTER, is and always will be in our energetic frequency, our vibration.


What lowers our vibration?


Many things… but the environment is a big one.


I’m so glad I moved house (even with the debacle from the previous owners and property manager. Their toxic behaviours gave me good contrast to know what I definitely will not tolerate anymore.)


I’ll share some more tips on how to clean up your environment (home, work/business, relationships, mind/body/soul) later…


But for now, what situations have you experienced (or maybe still experiencing) where they’ve sucked your energy dry… or had you off-balance and out of harmony with your best self?… it’s hard to make the change at first.. but how good did it feel when you realised and moved on?


The biggest benefit for me is knowing the true answers with exactly how DO Empaths lose weight?… Is accepting and loving who I am – raw, real, even with no make up on and bed hair cause I woke up late this morning (aaaah the benefits of making changes in my life and diet these past few weeks means I’m sleeping deeeeeeply and healing deeeeply again)…


Xx Katie

P.s. I’m a little sun kissed from being at the local water theme park all day yesterday with my family and friends



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