23 Traits Of A Psychopath

Written By Katie Joy

On 19/May/2020

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23 Traits Of A Psychopath

by | May 19, 2020

Most people are pre-programmed to think psychopaths are physical looking monsters, outcasts and live as hermits, and that only people on an individual level are effected.
But what you may not realise is the majority of psychopaths (and there are surprisingly many) live and work amongst us.
They make their way to the top of corporations (including our governments).
Watch this short video “Corporate Psychopaths” for more info:

More people have been effected by a psychopath than they realise.
Have you been, or are you now, the victim of a psychopath?
It might surprise you that we’re ALL at the effect of those who are embedded in political, law, medical, educational, and just about every other industry.
Do you know how to spot them?
? Lack empathy – will mimic it to trick you, but in actuality are completely devoid of it.
? Lack any emotional response
? Are callus
? Have an absolute lack of remorse or guilt for their behaviour
? Pathological lying
? Manipulate
? Egotistical
? Self-centred
? Glib and superficial charm (I call it “charm then harm” trait)
? Grandiosity
? Deceive
? Control other people overtly and covertly
? Isolate their victims
? ‘Triangulate’ victims and others to divide and distract any attention from themselves.
? Discredit their victims
? Fail to accept responsibility
? Impulsivity
? Irresponsibility
? Parasitic lifestyle
? Poor behavioural controls
? Early childhood behaviour problems
? Juvenile delinquency
? *Also many are “MK Ultra’d” through traumatic abuse and programming
If you’ve experienced a person in your life, at work or personally, you are not alone.
You are not going crazy.
You are not the problem. It is them.
During my past career as a Paramedic, I experienced pyschopaths that were patients, but worse, who were employees within the industry including a high-level boss.
I’ve also experienced them personally in my life; who befriended me, or pursued me for a relationship, and at the time I walked right into their traps.
They look at other humans as SPORT.
Manipulating people is a GAME to them.
They “Charm then harm” you.
Highly parasitic – emotionally, physically, mentally and most definitely financially.
I’ve had an unbelievable amount of experience with them.
There was a time I thought something was wrong with me for ‘attracting’ them.
It was when I realised what the common patterns where for them, and within me that I allowed them to feed off me.
Once you break free of the programming, wake up to your power, heal the emotional and physical traumas within yourself, and operate in alignment with who you REALLY are as a Divine Being of Love and Light, they will run a mile!
They can no longer take your power, because you will NOT give it away.
Psychopaths specifically target people who are:
* Wounded empaths (who have poor self esteem, poor or no boundaries, looking for love and who have big hearts. They often think “If I just love them enough maybe they will change”)
* The ignorant. Unaware of the psychopathic traits, tactics, and intent.
* Vulnerable – in stress, or distressed with emotional, physical or financial issues who are looking for someone to ‘rescue’ them. The psychopath loves to ride on in as the “knight in shining armour” or as a “honey pot” to make you believe they love and adore you and you are the ONLY one in the world for them. They will do anything and everything for you, then once they have you entangled, their actions don’t match up with their promises.
* Willing to give away their power. Psychopaths will happily take it. They NEVER give to you. They give with conditions, to ensnare you, then it’s ALL take. From the start, it’s ALL ABOUT THE TAKE. They are parasitic.
If you are ready to awaken to your highest Soul’s potential, heal any and all past emotional traumas that lower your vibration which attract such parasites (while also prevent you from manifesting more of what you truly desire) and raise your vibration so that you can stand in your power and co-create an incredible quality of life experience for yourself and others, then join us inside The Awakened Soul Revolution facebook community.
You can request access here:


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